About Me

I am an R&D Engineer based in Brno, Czechia.

I am interested in broad range of topics including web development, machine learning, Docker, Linux and open source.

This over-engineered website is built with React and is open source. It is universally rendered both on server and in browser. The content is served through an API.

This is a place for me to write and to showcase my projects.

Background photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash


A while back I made my first website. It was a static site generated with Hugo and my custom theme. I love Hugo. It's a fantastic and very easy to use static site generator. I'd recommend it for everyone who wants a simple website or blog. But I wanted something more. I wanted a full control over my website. I had two options. Either learn Go and contribute to Hugo, or make my website from scratch.

I have recently completed Free Code Camp's Front End Development Program and received a certificate. Here are my thoughts on the program and Free Code Camp in general.

This is an essay I wrote for a linguistics class. There are some mistakes and there are things that I would change. But it's good enough and I figured why not publish it? So here you go.

Minimizing Distractions

Sometimes it's seems like the only goal of most websites is to keep you distracted. They present you with endless stream of content. Related links try to bait you to click and read yet another meaningless article or watch yet another video. My solution is to block these distracting elements. Basically I am able to view the content itself but I won't see any links to related content.